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While visiting a person's home, the first room you see is the living room of the House. This makes the interior design living room into a representation of the whole House. So it's not wrong if you need to give more attention to interior design living room in your House.

Discuss interior design living room alone, there is an awful lot of style in the interior are evolving today. A variety of living room interior design style you can choose in accordance with the model of the House. There are several styles of interior living spaces now popular for interior living space reference your dream, Yuk, views!

1. a minimalist living room Interior
For modern design lovers who don't want to hassle and confusion in determining what kind of interior living room that is suitable for your home, minimalist living room interior design is the safest option.

The use of basic colors and minimalist furniture also don't ever failed to make the whole House feels more modern and immediacy.

2. living room Interior with a natural touch of industrial

Guest room interior design style industrial later middle of interest many people. The impression is also industrial often found on the model of the interior of the living room some people.

The raw materials are exposed, as well as the use of ornament and the industrial element is often not found on the residential interior design is one of the characteristics that are usually seen in industrial-style living room interior.

However, the industrial design style generally gives the impression of more cold and stiff so it is more widely used in the popular architecture of the building or commercial building interiors than the interior of the living room. For you who want a warmer impression, you can add the use of wooden materials and natural elements.

3. vintage open living room Interior

Interior living room interior is a vintage-style living room. In contrast to previous styles, the interior living room this revives the impression a more warm and homey.

Typical of vintage design is stylish furniture-furniture use tempo first and also the deployment of color-light pastel colors. Living room interior combines this with natural materials such as rattan or furniture such as a Chair, natural bamboo material make an open space concept can be a perfect choice to make the interior a comfortable living room.

4. living room Interior Scandinavian

For you who want to have an interior living area that impressed neat and clean without reducing the value of aesthetics, this Scandinavian interior inspiration could be an option or referendum.

With monochrome and color dominated also the use of the Scandinavian style furniture and furnishings are minimalist, Scandinavian style interior looks much tidier and attractive.

You can also complete the interior design living room style with modern decoration in Scandinavian artistic to give the impression of artsy on an interior living room without drain Scandinavian atmosphere.

5. Interior of the natural living room
Interior of the natural living room

The next living room interior options is a great choice for you who not only want a warm impression but also feel fresher. A natural living room interior design like this can you make with a very easy step.

First, the selection of colors in the interior living room of yours should be centered on the choice of the color of earthy tone. Good at finishing the space or the selection of furniture and decoration complements. In the selection of furniture to fill the interior of the living room, the first piece of furniture-furniture that uses natural materials.

Finally, complete the interior living room with putting some greenery. In doing so, an interior living room of yours will feel more natural and refreshing.

6. retro living room Interior
retro living room Interior

Interior living room with retro designs is now also starting to demand. For you who want to appear eccentric, design living room this one could be a choice and referendum. Enough with the use of contrasting colors typical of retro and equip it with pop art decor.

To strengthen the impression of retro, you can choose a slightly antique furniture usage typical of a vintage design daubed with contrasting colors. The Interior of the living room like this will give the impression of a unique and eccentric in anyone who sees it.

7. ethnic Javanese living room Interior

One of the simple choice to give the impression of a warm living room interior is the use of natural materials and send a local generally we see so that we are able to give the impression of a homey. Interior living room design Java such as ethnic-style living room this one may be so your choice.

With the use of traditional Javanese teak wood furniture, such as furniture Jepara, and also complement the décor of the room with the Javanese carvings, warm and homey impression could easily you get.

8. modern oriental living room Interior

Warm and ethnic impressions can be realized not only by relying on the Java-style living room interior as before. The choice of interior living room modern oriental-style this one also could be the right one.

With earth tone color selection with oriental ornaments and decorations come the typical Chinatown home interiors that have been modified, you can get an impression of ethnic and modern yet still warm.

9. Interior living room rustic
Interior living room rustic

Interior design living room next to this is the most fitting choice for you who want the impression of natural and warm, yet want to keep performing it's different and unique. Rustic style in interior design "has now started again. The use of materials such as exposed rustic wood flooring materials or iron became typical of the style of the interior on this one.