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Located in the middle of metropolitan cities, this one comes with very interesting interior concepts, is the professional work of our renovation project, namely Fiano Interior.

The project is a project of a total renovation of the apartment that uses the concept of Modern Industrial interior, according to the owner of the residential character of masculine, energetic and young-at-heart. Interestingly again, highlights on this project are on merging 2 into 1 room master bedroom, plafond exposé which is characteristic of the industrial design, and the use of solid wood materials on the majority of furniture and wall treatment. Can hardly wait to see these apartments? Let's step into it.

1. Dining room
Dining room
This very comfortable room is the dining room of the apartment, which is in the make over with the look of wood that feels warm atmosphere and also cool eyes. Well, to maximize the Modern Industrial, professional impression we use solid wood on the built-in furniture and interiors also treatment.

2. Living room
Living room

Decorated with grey curtains on the window that looks contrast with wooden elements, the family room is decorated with the presence of a couch to relax, a multipurpose table which can also to put the television, and also unique-shaped table.

But our interest is solid wood grill which became a hallmark in this space. Starting from backing a TV area inside are hidden storage, until a flat ceiling which gives the impression of luxury Modern Industrial.

3. Custom Cabinets for storing Wine
Custom Cabinets for storing Wine
Uniquely shaped furniture and unusual, it can make the room into a more stylish! The one that cannot escape from our view is a closet to store wine made in custom. Correctly, custom wine cellar is placed on the bar area, which was created specifically to accommodate the hobby's ownership of the unit. Interesting!

4. Industrial-style Bedroom
Industrial-style Bedroom
The pipe and open ceiling is characteristic of industrial interior design. Yup, with ceilings that are so artistic, as well as the presence of some pipes are red, and gray color selection is so very right for the style of this one.

Interior arrangement in the bedroom is not less interesting and very comfortable. Join in any of the glass was applied to make the bedroom more airy.

This master bedroom
This master bedroom area is the area that most change, namely by showing ceiling exposé combined with solid wood on the floor, walls and cabinets.

5. Guest bedroom
Guest bedroom

Fits great themes of the project, any guest room interior material made from solid wood. With a touch of wood accents on the floor, the bed and the wall, also added green accents on headboard to give the impression of more natural.

6. TV Panel
This TV panel design

This TV panel design can accommodate the needs of the residents of the apartments that have limited space. Looks to TV panel design that has a hole and accents, positioned in front of the large window so as not to reduce the access of natural light into the room.

7. Space Wardrobe
Space Wardrobe
With a mix of white and Brown, a dressing room and a wardrobe is no less beautiful appearance. A row of cabinets are created to maximize space and also to be able to store a lot of stuff in it. Well, the mirror placed in front of a closet is not only can be used to see the appearance, but can give the illusion of the room is noticeably wider.

8. The Cabinet in the bathroom
The Cabinet in the bathroom

Arrangement and selection of furniture in the bathroom is very perfect and in tune with the concept of the new apartment style. We like the most is the use of a mirror on the door hanging Cabinet, where creative design hanging Cabinet is able to make the bathroom look more spacious.

9. A very Artistic a hollow Partition
A very Artistic a hollow Partition
Although tiny, the kitchen is very comfortable to do activities to cook every day. With the look of the kitchen set grey, our experts using perforated iron as a panel, as well as bar table in the pantry area. Besides giving the impression this perforated panel industrial, became the separation between kitchen and family room, and can also be a place to put various photo frames and embellishments. Wow, interesting way?