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It will keep you amazed and intrigued to imitate him. Architect Lavradio Design from Lisbon managed to do renovation and decoration for an apartment that is derived from the old building. Wood remains the main star of this apartment and just let us see!

The Family Room With A Pretty Table
The family room with a pretty table
Glass tables into the main beam in the living room. A simple shape make this room terlihatlebih. The main room is indeed shades of white, but the wooden floors, carpets and gray sofas beautify this area. Comfortable and classy!

The Living Room Is Full Of Inspiration
The Living Room Is Full Of Inspiration
Guest room design is very beautiful! The walls of the old blue color blending sweet with wood floors. Furniture gray and white Curtains hung down gently into the bottom floor looks harmoniously in this room. Don't forget a large glass and wall hangings. The game was also emits light effect beautiful no limit. Amaze!

A Simple Dining Room
A Simple Dining Room
Gray wall covered eating area. The decor consists of three modern light fruit make this brighter area. White furniture is chosen for this same dining room area with shelving, drawers, cabinets, and kitchen furnishings. Wood floors provide a warm, comfortable, and friendly environment. The chatter in the dining room any longer.

White Kitchen With Tile Motifs
White kitchen with tile motifs
Patterned tiles in the kitchen into the main highlights in the area of preparing food and cooking. Drawers, shelves, cabinets, and furniture kitchen is dominated by shades of white, making it look clean, neat, and light.

Modern Wood Working Space
Modern wood working space
Is there a cooler than this modern work space? Work area complete with tables, benches, reading lights, and a landscaped area laptop wall with a beautiful patterned wallpaper. In the area next to it there is a sofa pillow complete with black color, black, and yellow motif interesting. All look comfortable with the light illuminating the room.

White Bathroom Clean
White has always been the best choice for the bathroom. In addition to a more clean and bright, white color also makes the area more spacious. There are two large, glass sink, and a full bathroom. Floor with beautiful motifs color dark grey make this area so charming!

Master Bedroom in Blue
Master bedroom in blue
Light blue color walls give the impression of soft and cool. Coupled with a large padded bed draped in blue tint. There is a bench in front of the bed of the blue and also modern wall paintings. The comfortable atmosphere of the more subtle white curtain blessing feels that hung down to the floor.

The Sweet Children Bedroom
The sweet children bedroom
Child's bedroom is intended for girls. Wallpapers of flowers with a light blue color dominance became the main attraction of this room. Two-level beds white color dipermanis with various feminine furnishings. Do not miss the beautiful pink color light is getting this comfortable area beautify.