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Top 10 Home Staging Tips - I currently have a love affair with all things interior. I delve into the books table interior design magazine, browse the gorgeous decor and peruse the interior Instagram endlessly. This is a problem, especially considering I do not have the budget for interior design spoil my new passion!

But all is not lost. Interior design doesn't have to be expensive. Often a few tweaks, use items that you already have or can be purchased with an affordable amount, makes a big difference. Recently I have been doing some reading on how to organize your space and I like some ideas so I thought I'd share them with you.

The good news is these ideas can be used to update your own living space, add some personality to your home and make your home a place you love.

Tip-tip easy home setup it can even help you sell your House if you have to fight hard. This concept is known as staging the home and it is one secret that is suggested by property agents, particularly when the House has been marketed for a while or if stagnant home sales market.

Create some stylish update to Your room can have a major impact on how people came to see the Home You feel it, which in turn can help you accelerate sales and get the price you ask for!

Read below for the 10 best tips for me on how to organize your home when selling


1. Improve Curb Appeal
First things first-the first thing that everyone comes home you will see is the exterior of your home. Make sure that your home looks nice from the outside is one of the most important things you can do to attract buyers.

 "Curb appeala", is what potential buyers see when they see it and the first impression is often that will make them decide whether they want to buy your property or not. Make sure your house looks good since someone arrived at your home..

• Clean the driveway and entrance path (and general tidiness;)
• Plant blooming flowers in pots at the front door (if you're moving you can take this with you)
• Mow the lawn
• Wash the windows
• Buy a new front door mat
• Sand and repaint any peeling paint on fascia boards, shutters or window frames

2. Smoothing
Clean all the mess. If you are serious about staging your home, all chaos must go! It's not easy to get rid of but it would make a big difference in how people experience your space.

Best bet is to do sort out, and donate or sell goods that are sure you don't need. Not only will make packing easier when you move but will also help clear headroom of your own and make sure you enjoy living in your home even more!

Important areas to be addressed include all surfaces, floors, and a closet (Yes, even in people a peek!). You try to create the impression of more space in the eyes of potential buyers so that you do not want them to think that there is not enough storage space when a take a sneaky look.

Storage space for sale! Potential buyers like the home that has lots of storage space. Set of shelves are crowded and cabinets to show off how much storage that you really have.

If you don't have enough storage space to hide all the mess that you'd like to save, consider renting the storage outside the Office or ask a relative if you can use their garage for in the meantime.

The purpose of the deal with You is to make your home stay alive, but not crowded and cluttered. This means you may need to invite your kids to keep their rooms look good for a few weeks. Chances are there will be families with children who see your home, but simply because they have children, not that the toys are scattered throughout the House will sell it on the spot! Show them that at home it is possible to have children who organized it beautifully.

3. Remove Unnecessary Furniture, Then Reset
One of the main contributors to feelings of overwhelming the space is to have too much furniture. People who work as professional home guides often recommend removing half the owner's furnishings! The lack of furniture will ensure that the House looks much larger.

Don't be too drastic, but ask yourself if there are any items of furniture that you don't use or need, and remove these items from outer space.

Once you find what furniture you want to keep, you need to rearrange Your furniture. In the living room furniture, you pull from the wall and use the mate (Chair, lights) to create an inviting conversation area draw people in.

4. Rub
You probably wouldn't mind a little bit but the visitor will surely be, so be sure to make your House sparkling clean. Vacuum floor (steam carpet cleaning a very dirty!), wash Windows, counter cleaner and scrub the shower. Any surface must be shiny.

This is one of the cheapest ways to make sure your home will give you the best, and you'll probably find you enjoy living in a space that is clean and fresh so you may feel inspired to defend it!

5. Go Neutral
Neutral colors are sophisticated and quiet, creating a space that invites potential buyers can imagine their own furniture and accessories. Remove the light and bold color choices (especially on the wall), and select the color white or neutral like mocha and  "greige".

One area that definitely needs to appear neutral is the master bedroom. Now is not the time to show off Your pink flowers cover. Instead of pulling all the people with spotless bedroom, the neutral gender that is free of clutter and bright colors.

Select clean white linens, scented candles, tasteful artwork, and a folded blanket at the foot of the bed to create a cocoon that will lure people to linger in your home.

6. Enhance Your Bathroom & Kitchen
Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, so this is the room that you need to pay attention to. You would've cleared space from top to bottom so that at this stage it's all about staging!

If you are able, please update the tiles that are out of date or give them paints to ensure space look sophisticated. The bathroom floor is also important. If you look a little older you can use cheap vinyl tiles to update your home.

Add a subtle white bathrobe to the back door (hide the gloomy blue flowers). Make sure each bathroom has a bar SOAP fresh, clean towels, and empty the trash.

When it comes to the kitchen make sure your counter clear and Your cabinets in good condition. Outdated kitchen cabinets could be scattering for potential buyers.

New kitchen equipment is also a good idea and has been proven to bring a high return to seller, perhaps because new equipment makes the whole kitchen a new look (plus You will be able to take it with you if its size remains the same!).

7. Clear Evidence Of Pets
You may adore your pet kids, but the fact is that most people just love their own!

The smell unpleasant pet can make a bad first impression so make sure to get rid of old carpet or pet bedding that can trap the offending odor. Clean the lawn doggy doo!

8. Let There Be Light
Living in a bright and airy room is good for the soul, plus Your prospective buyers liked the light. Dark and gloomy hardly ever in the list!

Open wide the Windows and curtains to let in the light as much as possible. If you're not facing the right direction to get sunlight, twitch with many lights.

Open wide the Windows and curtains to let in the light as much as possible. If you're not facing the right direction to get sunlight, twitch with many lights.

9. Riding Style
Invest in some stuff that will make your home looks beautiful and feels life-cut flower vase, a basket of fresh farmers market produce on the kitchen table, or a bowl of lemons on the side of the sink.

You might want to hang an impressive work of art (do not pull) the plush carpet, put a colorful or put an interesting book on Your coffee table.

Select some of the most beautiful of your collection and put it in between your books on a bookshelf or tableside, but don't overdo it. Less is more when it comes to staging a home. You don't want to overwhelm potential buyers with your personal belongings; You just want to display some for showing your personality.

An area to consider taking the time to style before prospective buyers arrive in the dining room table. A large desk and empty can look unattractive, so the styling with a little flower, pedestal dishes, and glasses can make it more interesting and exciting.

Another great way to add to life in your living room is with a few indoor plants, so buy some and add to the lounge, bathroom, or bedroom-again You can take it with you when you move!

10. Create a Lifestyle
People who want to move home are generally looking for a new lifestyle. Sign in with this roll out of your home in a way that will lure them to select it because of a lifestyle that will be offered to them.

Living in a small apartment with a balcony? Open a cafe table and chairs with a funny cheerful tablecloth on the balcony.

Own a home in a quiet suburb? Hanging a hammock in your backyard. Have a grassy garden? Make sure it's in the form of a beautiful if you sell during the summer-outdoor fire pits or sparkling blue.

Selling in the winter? Wake up to a fire in the fireplace and brew coffee.

Follow all of these tips and you can be sure that, when the buyer comes to your home and imagine themselves living there, the offer is not far behind.

I hope you have found the tips useful! Let me know if you have other ideas for organizing your home in the comments below.